Every good story needs a sequel. In 2000, Eminem released his second major studio album The Marshall Mathers LP to worldwide acclaim, and soon enough became one of the best selling rap albums in history selling over 10 million albums. Thirteen years later, Eminem is gearing up to release the sequel to this career-defining effort with The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and on the cover it features the same porch of the house he lived in during his teenage years in 8 Mile.

He was interviewed by VH1 about the original Marshall Mathers LP album cover quite some time ago and said:

That was the house that I grew up in my teenage years. One day I dreamt of being able to go back to that house and remember everything that I went through. I thought, “What if I did the cover at my old house sitting on the steps like I used to do?” That would be so crazy to me. We did it and I guess I made my house famous. The guy who lives there now let me in and let me see the house. I had mixed feelings because I had a lot of good and bad memories in that house. But to go back to where I grew up and finally say, “I’ve made it,” is the greatest feeling in the world to me.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops on November 5th. Will it live up to it’s predecessor?