Ashanti’s release date has been confirmed, but will it make it to the stores this time – only time will tell. Promoting the album, the single “Never Should Have”, and her appearance on the Lifetime show Army Wives, the once princess of hip hop & R&B sits down with Ebro and K. Foxx of Hot 97 to talk about quite a few subjects, including a forthcoming collaboration with Ja Rule. “Absolutely. Hopefully we get it all poppin, there’s no denying our chemistry,” said Ms. Ashanti about a possible collaboration in the future.

The two have made classic records with one another from Ashanti’s introduction on “Always On Time”, to memorable hits like “Down 4 U”, “Wonderful”, and “Mesmerize.” However, those records were in a completely other era of music, and the landscape has changed almost tenfold since then. We’d love to see these two back in the studio, making records with a classic, yet still current, sound. She also dives into her relationship with Nelly from back in the day. Watch the interview.